Welcome to Three Tree’s new website! We have endeavored to bring mindfulness and intention to our digital presence via weekly email communiques and Facebook posts. And that brings us to newly-designed website, which after much preparation and thought has finally arrived.

It’s an interesting challenge: how to convey – in Maria Montessori’s terms – the “Prepared Environment” and culture of our Montessori school, which is chock-full of hands-on, beautiful materials and vibrant, active children, in a digital medium. Though the Montessori materials are virtually unchanged since Montessori’s very first Casa dei Bambini (“Children’s House”) in 1907, we imagine if Dr. Montessori were alive today, she would avail herself of every possible form of digital and social media to broadcast her message of world peace, one child at a time.

We hope this part of our school’s Prepared Environment will be a useful way to convey our culture – who we are, what we do, and why we do it – to prospective families; we also want it to be an information hub for our current families and staff, a way to foster connection both within our school and to the greater Montessori movement. Thanks for stopping by; we welcome your comments.


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